Dragon Island Reviews and Tips – An Fantastic Dragon Mobile Game

Adventure on dragon-infested islands! Cultivate elfin plants and explore fun and mysterious islands.

Dragon Island Gameplay

Dragon Island Gameplay

Dragon Island is really a fun game. If you are a fan of dragons, you cannot ignore this game. It has more islands and different dragons.

In this game, you have adventures on dragon-infested islands! Develop alpha dragons and discover islands teeming with adventure and mystery.
Collect resources on islands, raise your dragons, and explore new dragon islands.

Find the hidden sagas of dragon islands and explore the islands full of secret missions – you’ll have a lot of fun discovering fresh material all the time. Discover the narrative of Buried Dragon Island, the island where the missions are hidden, and revel in the excitement of uncovering fresh material.

Discover the amazing Dragon Island: Discover new worlds, acquire and use new resources. Get the resources on the island and upgrade it. Gather delicious dragon fruit and grow your dragon!

The more dragon-loving pig barbecues and fish you produce to acquire eggs, the more improved islands you can encounter. Take advantage of the upgrade: Make yourself the finest dragon trainer! Turn into a dragon maniac in Dragon Island. You may improve your character and worker dragons to help them grow faster and produce more powerful dragons.

It’s a simple and stress-free game. Playing is simple with only a quick flick of one finger. Anyone may play the game with the lovely dragons without any difficulty or tension. Play whenever and wherever you choose, with no time restriction.

To keep your dragons happy and lucrative, tap, touch, and play with them. In this amazingly colorful idle game, beautiful animations bring each dragon to life. Hatch each dragon egg to learn about its distinct design and personality, such as Blaze the Fire Dragon, Springles the Spring Dragon, and Frogger the Frog Dragon. Common Dragons are fantastic, but Epic Dragons such as the Pug Dragon, Queen Dragon, Jelly Dragon, and Robo Dragon provide even higher prizes and money-making skills!


  • Raising a dragon: The fun of discovering and growing alpha dragons!
  • Collect various resources on Dragon Island, hatch & evolve baby dragons until they transform into powerful alpha dragons.
  • Experience the joy of helping tiny and cute hatchlings grow into huge dragons.


  • Relaxing to play.
  • Free game.
  • The dragon designs are quite amazing.


  • Too many ads: you have to watch an ad for 30 seconds then play for 10 and watch another ad.
  • Still have many bugs.
  •  It’s not very vegetarian friendly like there are dying pigs.


Welcome to Dragon island🐉, a fantasy island where many adventures keep happening. Adventures on islands with dragons! Grow alpha dragons and explore islands harboring fun and mysteries. Collect the resources on islands, grow your dragons, and discover new dragon islands. Find the hidden sagas of dragon islands and explore the islands with full of secret quests – you will have great fun continuously disovering new content. Discover the story of the Hidden Dragon Island, the island where the quests are hidden, and feel the joy of discovering new content.

Explore the fantastic Dragon Island: Explore new world, acquire and utilize new resources. Get the resources in the island and uprade your island. Harvest sweet dragon fruit and raise your dragon!

Become Dragon Mania with Dragon Island!

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Check it now on Google Play and App Store.

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