My Heroes Dungeon Raid Reviews and Tips

A traditional pixel-style barrage shooting RPG

My Heroes Dungeon Raid Gameplay

my heroes dungeon raid gameplay

My Heroes Dungeon Raid is a very enjoyable ARPG/bullet hell game with cute pixel graphics. It has exciting and refreshing barrage shooting battles. Players with a high degree of freedom can begin adventures in Diablo-style buildings and enjoy the development of their in-game character.

In this game, you have the option of selecting a class. There are five classes to pick from Ninja, Ranger, Priest, Mage, and Warrior. Each of these classes has distinct advantages and disadvantages. As a result, selecting the class that best complements your playstyle is critical.

Warriors are lethal killing machines that can be used as a tank, a weapon, or a hybrid of the two. They deal a lot of damage and are great for AFK farming. They are, however, poor at survival and support. This class is ideal for players who prefer to play alone.

Mages use fire, ice, and arcane elements to destroy or subdue their opponents. They specialize in causing havoc. The Mage deals a lot of damage and is great at providing support. It is also useful for farming and survival.

Ninjas are masters of stealth, conducting silent but lethal attacks before vanishing into the shadows. The Ninja deals a lot of area damage.


  • Join forces for fantastic journeys: Make genuine friends and enjoy battle time with them. You’re going to make special memories together.
  • Demonstrate fantastic operations in intense battles: Heroes can hone their skills in battle and navigate the dense barrage.


  • The classes are unbalanced: Warrior has no kit to replenish MP for the most MP draining skills in the game, nor does he have any kit or gear that actually works together. Ninja is shattered.
  • The game is way too easy: There is no skill required. All you have to do is hold down the atk button and wait.

How to get My Heroes Dungeon Raid?

My Heroes: Dungeon Raid is a classic pixel-style barrage shooting RPG game. It has refreshing and exciting barrage shooting battles. With a high degree of freedom, players can start adventures in diablo-style buildings and enjoy the growth of in-game character.

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