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A free-to-play Idle dating game in which you meet, date, and fall in love with a cast of hot passionate males to save them from a tragic fate.

Blush Blush Gameplay

Blush Blush Gameplay

During the grand opening of the city’s new zoo, you inadvertently distribute water tainted with black magic! As a result, the zoo’s visitors have all been transformed into animals!

Fortunately, all of the clients were hot boys, and the power of love is the most powerful method to overcome the curse. Making friends will get the most of the way there (with perhaps an additional tail), but to completely liberate them, things will get hot. And perspiring.

Work those professions, improve your stats, and look about the city for any unusually communicative animals to start your quest. You may also take a break from questing by chatting with other gorgeous males on your phone, unlocking even more sexy images and confessions. By the conclusion of this game, you will undoubtedly be blushing!

Beautiful graphic

Overall, the graphics are fantastic with no optimization concerns, and players may enjoy the game even if they have a low-end device. These modest visuals guarantee that players using a variety of devices may enjoy the game without experiencing lags or delays. The GUI is also superbly tuned to ensure that your gameplay experience is not disrupted.

Great sound

The sound is beautiful. It fits perfectly with the sense. You will in love with it

Blush Blush Overview

Blush Blush is a Dating Game tossed with an Idle Game. It features a light-hearted story where the player must rescue a series of fun and attractive an/me-boys, who have all been cursed with a dark spell. A curse that can only be broken with the power of love, naturally. The gameplay is easy! The player must choose how they spend their time wisely, by working various jobs, earning stat points, and arranging dates and gifts for their love interests. With a mix of strategy and story, the player will gradually become an accomplished dater and have the chance to woo a TON of hawt guys with more plans for the future.

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Check it now on Google Play and Stream.

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