Infinity Clan Game Reviews: Join the clan and End the chaos

A highly addictive strategy game in which you expand your kingdom by conquering nearby territories one by one.

Infinity Clan Gameplay

Infinite Clan Gameplay

Infinity clan is a game about bloodthirsty clan wars and the struggle to keep one’s clan alive. It is comparable to RealRealm Crypto Wars and War of Deities. It is your responsibility as a warrior to build the strongest clan and restore the glory! This strategic clan game was created by TG Inc and is available on the App Store and Google Play.

At the beginning of the game, you are the leader of a clan lost in the sea. You must defeat other pirates to expand your territory and build your kingdom.

To upgrade, you need 2 similar things that combine to create something new. You will need exp points to level up, and you will earn exp points by constructing buildings. The best thing about this game is that you can join a clan and defeat other clans. After each hit, you will receive an opponent’s item. Remember that if you are wealthy, your enemies will undoubtedly be watching you. So keep your defenses up.


  • The game has beautiful graphic and simple gameplay.
  • The animations are great and challenging.


  • It’s not what the video depicts. You don’t get to sail around the island maneuvering around other islands deciding who to attack. You’re kind of forced to go to a nearby island, then it disappears in a split-screen battle, and you go back to your own island to build buildings and stuff.
  • Many errors as it just a new game.

How to get Infinity Clan?

With clans fighting and people struggling to survive, who will end this chaos? Join the clan and be the strongest warrior! It is your duty to restore the glory of your clan!

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Company: TG INC

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