Happy Clinic Game Reviews

A free time management healthcare game in which the greatest wealth is health!

Happy Clinic Game Play

Happy Clinic Game Play

Time management games are becoming increasingly popular these days. When we play them, we must adopt a technique that allows us to cope with several duties at the same time and with limited resources. Such adversity tests our ability to make sound judgments under duress. Things assist us in comprehending how it would seem in the actual world.

Happy Clinic is one of those time management games. You can play it on both iOS and Android devices. It is suitable for children aged 5 and up.

In the game, you take on the role of a Nurse who works in a hospital and allocates patients to beds. You must transport the sufferer to the appropriate physicians or medical equipment! This game is similar to Cooking Madness, however instead of food, the focus is on hospital beds.

This game is really fun and it will keep you on your toes! The graphics are Awesome! Also, the best thing is that the game is free, and it does not overwhelm you with advertisements. However, purchasing gems is really expensive in this game, and it’s not worth it. If you don’t want to spending really money in this game, we have some tips to get free coins in this game.


  • Beautiful and cute graphics: The characters all have giant heads and little bodies, which is cute. They also have their individual personalities that emerge through their appearances.
  • Pleasant soft music: For any time-management games, music is crucial to keeping players engaged. And this game has done this well. Gentle music man is very attractive.
  • Simple control: All you need to do are to tap to get equipment or drag a patient to a bed.


  • Paid to Play: There’s no way you can expect players to win this way without spending real money. Once you hit lv 20 be prepared to either uninstall because it becomes impossible to progress or spend a lot of money.
  • Patience: The bulk of the levels are quite tough to complete, and on time levels, the timer counts down before you have a chance to out a person in a bed. You do not receive enough coins to complete the task. This is more of a squandering game where you level up to gain cash to improve EVERYTHING!!!!

How to get Happy Clinic?

Happy Clinic is a free time management hospital game where the greatest wealth is health!
Dozens of intense challenges await in quirky hospitals across the world, where the equipment is as unique as the climate. It’s up to you to improve each hospital and guarantee the best care possible! As a young nurse work to assist the best doctors in treating various diseases and illnesses, prepare medicine and tools, assign patients to treatment or diagnostics, research samples at laboratories, and engage in other exciting activities. Your dream hospital awaits!
Build your research headquarters and help the professor to discover new medical devices that expand gameplay and turn your hospital into an unstoppable healthcare juggernaut.

Happy Clinic

Check it out now on Google Play and Apple Store.

Company: Nordcurrent UAB

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