Blue Box replies to rumors of Abandoned project termination

With rumors swirling that Blue Box may discontinue the horror survival game Abandoned, the developer has spoken to gamers.

About Abandoned

Blue Box Game Studios unveiled Abandoned in April 2021, a survival horror game that was initially expected to launch in the fourth quarter of the same year. Although the company originally intended for the game to be a PS5 exclusive, the studio subsequently announced that a PC version was also in the works.

However, due to disinformation such as the game being a successor to Silent Hill and an incredible lack of information, fans were left unsatisfied and perplexed by Abandoned. Some have speculated that Blue Box may scrap the project entirely, which seems plausible given that the studio recently removed tweets concerning Abandoned’s future. However, the company’s most recent statement provides a different response.

Will Blue Box really get rid of Abandoned?

In response to rumors that the game had been canceled, Blue Box stated that this was not the case and that Abandoned was still in production. The firm stated that they are now working on exposing the game via the Abandoned PS5 Realtime Experience app for PS5 and internet outlets. Although early intentions for Q1 2022 have been published, the release of Abandoned: Prologue has been postponed owing to development issues, according to the announcement. According to Blue Box, “Abandoned: Prologue will be released when it is stable, good, and ready.”

With development beginning in 2017, Abandoned was once scheduled to premiere in the fourth quarter of 2021, creating a lot of enthusiasm and debate among gamers. However, Blue Box’s fortunes did not improve in the months after the game’s announcement. The business released the Abandoned PS5 Realtime

Experience app for the PS5 in August 2021, which garnered mixed reviews owing to its overall lack of content. After that, Blue Box remained silent regarding the game’s status until December, when they updated the information and stated that the game will be released in 2022.

So far, the gaming world has only seen a less-than-appealing PS5 trailer for Abandoned, a content-deficient Abandoned PS5 Realtime Experience app, and a slew of conspiracy theories surrounding its narrative. Blue Box’s trustworthiness appears to be more in question, even for a few participants, with a shown but unreleased game and a lot of disinformation from the firm.

The gaming media staff also left because they felt the idea was a fraud. This implies that the studio’s final result must be excellent enough to reawaken gamers’ interest in the game. In terms of the debut date for Abandoned, we can only wait for the time to offer a response.

Interestingly, the company states that the PC version will “most likely” be distributed through the Epic Games Store rather than Steam. It also states that the Planned Real-Time Experience – the studio’s moniker for Abandoned’s planned complete reveal, presumably similar to Silent Hills’ “playable trailer” – would be unique to the PS5 and “will not see the light of day on PC.”

This isn’t the first time Blue Box and Abandoned have been the subject of fan-fueled rumors and allegations. Not shortly after the game was unveiled in 2021, the Silent Hill community convinced themselves that it was a rebirth of Hideo Kojima’s shelved Silent Hills project, a myth that had lingered for years.

So in conclusion, Silent Hill Abandoned-style horror games will not be canceled, according to the creator.

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