Guide to Epic Game Day 2

27 Apr

It’s almost here! Saturday is Epic Game Day 2! We wanted to share a few details with you before you head over to AFK Tavern to enjoy a day filled with great hobby gaming, food, drink, and friends. And if you’re still thinking about joining us but haven’t reserved a game, don’t worry – there’s plenty to play on-site. (Or just hang with some of the coolest hobby gamers and industry folks.)

Age Note: Epic Game Day 2 is an all-ages event. However, if you’re 21 or over, you’ll receive a stamp when you enter so that you may purchase alcoholic beverages. Attendees under 21 years of age may not use the bar area – no events are scheduled in that area. 

Doors Open at 11:30

Before that, we’ll be setting up. No, we don’t need any extra help with setup, but thanks for the offer.

Head to HQ First

Signs will direct you there, but you should head to the HQ area, located in the middle of AFK Tavern on the raised “stage” area. We’ll get you signed in, give you a little gift, and hand you a program schedule for the day. Note: The Magic Mini-Master League will also use this area to take registrants, hand out boosters, and report results.

Door Prizes All Day Long!

At the end of each time slot (4 pm, 8 pm, and midnight), we’ll award prizes at random to attendees that signed the guestbook, so make sure you do so when you arrive! We have a bunch of sweet swag to give out, and we don’t want to take any of it back with us.

Check to See What’s Open and Sign Up

As of now, there are no full games from reservations, though a few are getting close. When you arrive, you’re free to sign up for more games, or if you haven’t reserved, pick some games and put your name on the list. Check the signs at each game area to see if there’s an opening, and then sign up with us at HQ. First come, first served.

Grab Some Grub and Drinks

AFK Tavern will have custom menus printed with specials on food and drink! All day long, get their +2 fries or tots (a heaping helping of potatoey goodness, topped with chili and cheese) for $6. They also have some great Epic Game Day themed drinks available for $4 – $6 each, with names that give nods to several of the games running at the event! They have a massive list of other beverages to slake any thirst as well.

Service Note: Each attendee that orders anything (food or drink) will have a tab opened for them for the entire day. That way, no matter where the attendee is located throughout the day, their tab will follow. Once an attendee wants to settle up, they can contact their server and close their tab.

No Scheduled Game? No Problem!

If you don’t have anything scheduled, and the games you’re interested in are filled, check out a game from AFK’s library and grab some like-minded peeps. Or, just hang out and socialize – talk to old friends, meet new ones, and make acquaintances with hobby game folks. The party’s on all day long!

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