Epic Game Day 2 Event Reservations Are Open!

14 Apr

The time has come. The Epic Game Day 2 event schedule is here! While there might be a couple more events added between now and the end of next week, most of the games have been set. If there are new games added, we’ll post them up as they arrive over the next few days.

Want to reserve a spot at a table? Here’s how it works:

1. Take a look at the event schedule listed below. Pick one (1) game you really want to play, and up to two alternates.

2. Send an email titled “Epic Game Day 2 Event Reservation” with your selection and alternates to epicgameday@gmail.com. In the body of the email, please your first and last name, the event names & times, and mark which ones are alternates – simply put a notation next to the event stating “ALT.” Your alternate choices will be assigned in the order you list if your first choice is not available.

3. We’ll be doing a first round of event confirmations on April 19 and a second round on April 28 (for anyone that didn’t reserve by Monday, April 18).

4. Show up to Epic Game Day 1, pick up your program guide on-site, and find your event!

Special Note: You can only reserve one (1) event for yourself only. No group reservations, please. This is to ensure that as many people as possible get an opportunity to try out a fun game on Epic Game Day 2.

We will have many pickup games available on-site, and if there are openings at scheduled games on the day of Epic Game Day 2, feel free to signup on-site!

What follows is an abbreviated event list. You can download the descriptions of each event below.

12 noon – 12 midnight

  • Magic Mini-Master League (Magic 2011 Core Set, GM Epic Game Day HQ) – $5 entry fee gets you 1 booster + prizes

12 noon – 4 pm

  • Arkham Horror with Expansions! (GM Eric Wahlquist)
  • Death Race 2011 (Road Kill Rally, GM Matthew Ringel)
  • Crime and Corruption (Shadowrun 4th Edition, GM Stephen “Quantumboost” Smith)
  • The City of Strangers Part 1: The Shadow Gambit (Pathfinder Society, GM Dane Pitchford)
  • Ran (Blood & Honor, GM Derek Guder)
  • The Great You Don’t Know Jack! Off (GM Michael Robles)

4 pm – 8 pm

  • The Return of the Overlord (Descent: Journeys in the Dark, GM Zac Manley)
  • Talisman (GM Shannon Flowers)
  • Recon Raid! (Battletech, GM Chris Snider)
  • Dark Sun: Blood Flows for Water (D&D 4th Edition, GM Ryan Burton)
  • The Epic Game Day Job (Leverage, GM Logan Bonner)
  • The Dervish House (Shadowrun 4th Edition, GM George Sundborg)
  • The City of Strangers Part 2: The Twofold Demise (Pathfinder Society, GM Dane Pitchford)

8 pm – 12 midnight

  • Take Refuge… In Audacity! (Refuge in Audacity, GM Logan Bonner)
  • The Crusaders Issue #1: The Sign of the Beast (Icons, GM Chris Tulach)
  • Game Truck Open Play (GM Tara Miller) – no reservations needed, located in parking lot outside
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