Guide to Epic Game Day 2

27 Apr

It’s almost here! Saturday is Epic Game Day 2! We wanted to share a few details with you before you head over to bitrebels to enjoy a day filled with great hobby gaming, food, drink, and friends. And if you’re still thinking about joining us but haven’t reserved a game, don’t worry – there’s plenty to play on-site. (Or just hang with some of the coolest hobby gamers and industry folks.)

Age Note: Epic Game Day 2 is an all-ages event. However, if you’re 21 or over, you’ll receive a stamp when you enter so that you may purchase alcoholic beverages. Attendees under 21 years of age may not use the bar area – no events are scheduled in that area. 

Doors Open at 11:30

Before that, we’ll be setting up. No, we don’t need any extra help with setup, but thanks for the offer.

Head to HQ First

Signs will direct you there, but you should head to the HQ area, located in the middle of AFK Tavern on the raised “stage” area. We’ll get you signed in, give you a little gift, and hand you a program schedule for the day. Note: The Magic Mini-Master League will also use this area to take registrants, hand out boosters, and report results.

Door Prizes All Day Long!

At the end of each time slot (4 pm, 8 pm, and midnight), we’ll award prizes at random to attendees that signed the guestbook, so make sure you do so when you arrive! We have a bunch of sweet swag to give out, and we don’t want to take any of it back with us.

Check to See What’s Open and Sign Up

As of now, there are no full games from reservations, though a few are getting close. When you arrive, you’re free to sign up for more games, or if you haven’t reserved, pick some games and put your name on the list. Check the signs at each game area to see if there’s an opening, and then sign up with us at HQ. First come, first served.

Grab Some Grub and Drinks

AFK Tavern will have custom menus printed with specials on food and drink! All day long, get their +2 fries or tots (a heaping helping of potatoey goodness, topped with chili and cheese) for $6. They also have some great Epic Game Day themed drinks available for $4 – $6 each, with names that give nods to several of the games running at the event! They have a massive list of other beverages to slake any thirst as well.

Service Note: Each attendee that orders anything (food or drink) will have a tab opened for them for the entire day. That way, no matter where the attendee is located throughout the day, their tab will follow. Once an attendee wants to settle up, they can contact their server and close their tab.

No Scheduled Game? No Problem!

If you don’t have anything scheduled, and the games you’re interested in are filled, check out a game from goldrush slots where you can pay by mobile for casino games. Or, just hang out and socialize – talk to old friends, meet new ones, and make acquaintances with hobby game folks. The party’s on all day long at Geoff Banks Casino!

New Events and More

20 Apr

Event Reservations Update

Everyone that has reserved an event through April 18 should have received an email confirmation at this time. If you didn’t, please send an email to and we’ll get it resolved. The next round of confirmations will happen a couple of days before the event.

The good news is that as of this morning, we still have space in all of our events. Some events are filling faster than others, but right now, if you want to reserve a spot, you stand an excellent chance of getting what you want. First-come, first-served though, so get your reservation in soon!

New Events Added

In addition, we’ve expanded our events a bit with some great D&D offerings! Check them out below, and download the newest version of the events listing for more information.

12 noon – 2 pm

  • Castle Ravenloft (GM Michelle Bellon)
12 noon 4 pm 
  • Roots of Corruption: Infestation (D&D Living Forgotten Realms, GM Rob Dorgan)

2 pm 4 pm 

  • Castle Ravenloft (GM Michelle Bellon)

4 pm – 6 pm

  • Wrath of Ashardalon (GM Michelle Bellon)

6 pm – 8 pm

  • Wrath of Ashardalon (GM Michelle Bellon)

Epic Game Day 2 Event Reservations Are Open!

14 Apr

The time has come. The Epic Game Day 2 event schedule is here! While there might be a couple more events added between now and the end of next week, most of the games have been set. If there are new games added, we’ll post them up as they arrive over the next few days.

Want to reserve a spot at a table? Here’s how it works:

1. Take a look at the event schedule listed below. Pick one (1) game you really want to play, and up to two alternates.

2. Send an email titled “Epic Game Day 2 Event Reservation” with your selection and alternates to In the body of the email, please your first and last name, the event names & times, and mark which ones are alternates – simply put a notation next to the event stating “ALT.” Your alternate choices will be assigned in the order you list if your first choice is not available.

3. We’ll be doing a first round of event confirmations on April 19 and a second round on April 28 (for anyone that didn’t reserve by Monday, April 18).

4. Show up to Epic Game Day 1, pick up your program guide on-site, and find your event!

Special Note: You can only reserve one (1) event for yourself only. No group reservations, please. This is to ensure that as many people as possible get an opportunity to try out a fun game on Epic Game Day 2.

We will have many pickup games available on-site, and if there are openings at scheduled games on the day of Epic Game Day 2, feel free to signup on-site!

What follows is an abbreviated event list. You can download the descriptions of each event below.

12 noon – 12 midnight

  • Magic Mini-Master League (Magic 2011 Core Set, GM Epic Game Day HQ) – $5 entry fee gets you 1 booster + prizes

12 noon – 4 pm

  • Arkham Horror with Expansions! (GM Eric Wahlquist)
  • Death Race 2011 (Road Kill Rally, GM Matthew Ringel)
  • Crime and Corruption (Shadowrun 4th Edition, GM Stephen “Quantumboost” Smith)
  • The City of Strangers Part 1: The Shadow Gambit (Pathfinder Society, GM Dane Pitchford)
  • Ran (Blood & Honor, GM Derek Guder)
  • The Great You Don’t Know Jack! Off (GM Michael Robles)

4 pm – 8 pm

  • The Return of the Overlord (Descent: Journeys in the Dark, GM Zac Manley)
  • Talisman (GM Shannon Flowers)
  • Recon Raid! (Battletech, GM Chris Snider)
  • Dark Sun: Blood Flows for Water (D&D 4th Edition, GM Ryan Burton)
  • The Epic Game Day Job (Leverage, GM Logan Bonner)
  • The Dervish House (Shadowrun 4th Edition, GM George Sundborg)
  • The City of Strangers Part 2: The Twofold Demise (Pathfinder Society, GM Dane Pitchford)

8 pm – 12 midnight

  • Take Refuge… In Audacity! (Refuge in Audacity, GM Logan Bonner)
  • The Crusaders Issue #1: The Sign of the Beast (Icons, GM Chris Tulach)
  • Game Truck Open Play (GM Tara Miller) – no reservations needed, located in parking lot outside

Events Open Tomorrow

13 Apr

We’re hard at work sorting all the sweet events for Epic Game Day 2, so we’re going to give it another day before we post the event list and let you reserve a game.

We have at least 16 games on the docket for you to browse – in addition, you can always pick up a game on-site from AFK Tavern and just play!

We’ll be back tomorrow with more…

Events Due Today!

11 Apr

Just a quick reminder… Event submissions are due today! If you’ve been waiting on submitting an event, now’s the time.

Remember, our GMs and organizers get sweet perks for submitting an event – free food & drink, priority reservations in an “off slot,” and the gratitude of the Epic Game Day crew. Help make Epic Game Day 2 awesome, and submit your event today.


Epic Game Day 2 Event Submission

Event Update

5 Apr

We here at Epic Game Day just thought we’d share a few updates with you on events.

We’re coming up soon on the event submission deadline – it’s next Monday, April 11. Now would be a great time to submit your event if you’re thinking about it. Check out the post on March 23 for details on event submission. We could use a few more great events!

Speaking of events, we have some great ones submitted so far. Here’s just a taste of some of the games we’ll have when event reservations go live on April 13:

  • D&D Dark Sun
  • Pathfinder
  • Shadowrun
  • Leverage
  • Refuge in Audacity
  • Icons
  • Talisman
  • Arkham Asylum
  • Descent
  • Battletech
  • You Don’t Know Jack
  • A plethora of video games in the Game Truck
  • And more coming in…

If you’re looking to submit a game and are wondering what to run, anything’s great, but specifically, we’ll have demand for the following:

  • Card games
  • More D&D (especially 4th Edition or 3.5)
  • Other cool RPGs (especially indie games, as they tend to be great for one-shots)
  • Party games (The Target and Mafia were huge hits last time)

Once we get into next week, we’ll have complete event descriptions ready to roll, so you can make a decision on what you’d like to reserve!

April Fools Day, D&D Style

1 Apr

Since we here at Epic Game Day didn’t have anything particularly humorous to contribute to April Fools Day, you should check out Wizards of the Coast’s site for their hilarious D&D stuff. In addition, one of our favorite bloggers, The Weem, has a fantastic “5th Edition” site. Great stuff!

Dungeons & Dragons Official Site

Dungeons & Warcraft: Cards of Fate

And, for those that don’t understand:

The Game Truck Is Coming!

31 Mar

We’ve got something exciting we’re going to try out this time around at Epic Game Day…

The girls over at have coordinated a special appearance of the Game Truck at Epic Game Day 2 on April 30!  The Game Truck is a 50-foot-long mobile video game party, with tons of the best video games on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii. The Game Truck can have up to 16 players at any given time within its fun-filled confines.

The Game Truck will be parked outside AFK Tavern from 8 pm – midnight on Epic Game Day 2. The Game Truck is a video game free play area, meaning there’s no structured tournaments or events – simply show up at the truck, and if there’s room, hop in for a game. If you want to chill out with some video games in a fun play space, your admittance to Epic Game Day 2 gets you there!

We’re very excited to offer this added facet to the Epic Game Day experience this time around. We hope you’ll enjoy it too!

Stay tuned for more exciting event news as we get closer and closer to Epic Game Day 2.

Submitting Events That Rule

28 Mar

A few folks have asked, “What makes a good event submission for Epic Game Day?” The short answer is: most anything that’s a tabletop game works well. But, there are certain things that will scream “play me” and have you lauded as a bringer of good times. Heck, if you play your cards right, your players might even buy you a drink in thanks.

What’s awesome? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Unique one-shot roleplaying game sessions. Creating a cool custom adventure for the day, something that players just can’t get anywhere else, is great fun. Try to do something you’d never do with your home group – mash-up genres, a deadly over-the-top challenge, hilarious plot or premise, etc. Just the thrill of playing something completely different will be really entertaining, and your players will undoubtedly bring their excitement to the game table to really ratchet up the fun.
  • Playtests of variant rules or game modifications. Epic Game Day is a great place to test out those weird new rules you’ve been wanting to spring on your campaigns or home games. Let players know what they’re getting into beforehand through the description of the game, and make sure to solicit feedback afterwards to help you tweak your game hack.
  • Games filled with visual elements. Show off that fantastic terrain you’ve created for a miniatures game, bring some cool color handouts, or drop a box of props on the table for folks to look through and use during the game. You’ll be adding to the immersion and fun, and it’ll probably make for a few great photos too!

While creating an event that has something special to offer is great, you can also just share your enthusiasm for your favorite game without all the bells and whistles. Simply playing a game with an expert guide is more than enough to create an enjoyable time.

Want to submit your event? Make sure to download the form below and submit your game by April 11! The sooner the better!

Epic Game Day 2 Event Submission

Submit to us… your events!

23 Mar

Event submission is now open!

Do you have an awesome idea for a one-shot game you’ve been dying to try out? Have a favorite board or card game you just would love to share with others? Want to get crazy with miniatures? Here’s your opportunity, and we’ll even throw in some perks for contributing to the epicness of Epic Game Day 2!

We’ll put your event in our online event listing and in our on-site program so everyone will be sure to find it. And for being awesome, we’ll also give you a free menu item and (non-alcoholic) drink voucher at AFK Tavern when you arrive to run your game on April 30 at Epic Game Day. In addition, we’ll be throwing in a priority reservation for you when you signup to play a different event (reservations open to the public on April 13).

Get set by filling out the event submission form below and emailing it to Make sure you submit your event soon – space is limited, and the event submission deadline is April 11.

Epic Game Day 2 Event Submission